Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips to do when stranded with the items on you

When you are stranded on an island first of all you need to find shelter so when night falls you aren't stuck in the middle of no were. 
also try and find a fresh source of water so you don't die of thirst.  You also need to try and find a mud path trough the forest because it will be probably used by wild pigs.    

Jobs on the Matia islands

As you know on the Matia islands my job is that I am a builder and here's some information on what I will do. As a builder its my job to make a place for everyone to live, but seeing as we are stranded on an island my teacher has said that every single person can only take 5 essential items with them for their community. the 5 items I would take would only the essentials like nails, a hammer, a saw, tarpaulin etc.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply and demmand

In Economics there are two main things. Supply and demand. As you can see in this graph there is a meeting point this is called the equilibrium point. When the demand for something goes up the producer can sell this item for a high price and will probably make more which will increase the supply. So when in the market business the supply and demand for the supplier to make lots of money.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eco houses

On the Matia islands we are going to have Eco houses so that we don't destroy the islands resources.

In my Eco house(the picture isn't it) I have decided to harness the suns heat and light by putting large amounts of windows on the sun facing side of the house. By doing so it won't use as much power on lighting or on heating.

I will also have solar panels and a wind turbine so I can save a considerable amount of power by using the wind turbine and I can use less power when heating water.=-]