Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sustainability argument

It is definitely better to be sustainable. Here are my reasons why and some things that will happen if we aren’t being sustainable enough.

My first reason why being sustainable is better is because if we don’t change there is a threat that we will exhaust our resource supplies to quickly. If we exhaust our resource supply to quickly we wont be able to have certain luxuries like petrol/diesel-powered cars. Did you know that the average petrol consumption for cars in America is 17 miles to every 1-gallon (that’s 27 kilometers to every 3 liters) which is a huge waste of petrol. If everyone in the world had a car and had the same petrol consumption every 17 miles everyone traveled we would be using over 6 billion gallons of petrol (that’s over 18 billion liters of the stuff)! So by being sustainable we let future generations have some of the same luxuries as us.

My second point is about all the rubbish that can’t be recycled what happens to it and where it goes. Have you ever wondered where the rubbish you throw out goes well it all gets collected and dumped into a landfill. A landfill is a hole in the ground where all our un-recyclable waste goes. It either goes here or goes to a furnace gets burnt and then gets dumped into a landfill. When our rubbish gets burnt it releases a deadly poison called dioxin. Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals known to science, which is known to be a cause of cancer. Did you know that some items that we throw out like plastic beverage bottles could take up to a massive 450 years.

Thirdly and finally, we need to be sustainable so that we can protect our planet for future generations. We need to more conscious of what we are doing to our planet and resources and take note of if we do carry on like we are now that our children and grandchildren might not reach the average life expectancy of 78 for men and 82 for women because of how we failed to reduce our carbon footprint and how we failed to stop using our non-renewable resources.

I hope you see it my way and try and do your best to be sustainable and to try and save our earth.


MrWoody said...

Very well written with an authoritative "voice"!
I think your ideas are compelling and you can simply improve it by proof-reading more closely to catch all punctuation errors before you publish.
Well Done!

MrWoody said...

This is an excellent argument - i just revisited it and am so impressed once again.
One further thing you can do to make it university quality is to add references when you discuss facts 'n' figures.